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About Ohm Beads

Consisting of a team of talented designers in Seattle, Washington, Ohm is the creator of charm beads that appeal to a universe of tastes and fancies.  Ohm's selection of incredibly detailed beads are at once surprising, unusual, quirky and irresistible.  Their carefully designed beads, complemented by creative packaging and back story, makes each bead a treasure.  

Ohm means "to sound out loudly". Every Ohm Beads design goes through a rigorous screening process before it is allowed to be carved into a wax mold and ultimately cast in silver.  Every keepsake is made with high-quality products, because Ohm believes that jewelry is meant to be passed down from generation to generation – hence the name: Ohm Beads.  Every keepsake contains all the universe has to offer, which makes it a lifelong memento that is sure to be cherished.

All Ohm beads are solid Sterling Silver and show the .925 stamp.  To be sure a bead is authentic Ohm, look for "Ohm" or the Ohm swirl stamped on each bead.

The holes and threading of Ohm Beads are standardized to fit most major brand bracelets.

Ohm Beads are categorized by themed Collections as well as BOTM, Limited Editions, Special Editions, Collector's Items and Retired.

BOTM (Bead of the Month) Each bead in this monthly offering is extremely limited and comes with its own certificate and unique number stamped on each.  Grab them quickly or they'll be gone!

Limited Editions These designs are manufactured in a limited quantity; Once they are sold out they will no longer be available and will become a "Collector's Item." Don't wait too long or you may miss out.

Special Editions These items were created for special purposes, or specific events. They may only be available in certain regions, and may be shipped separately from your order.

Collector's Items  These items are no longer manufactured or available for purchase on this website. They may still be available at some Authorized Retailers around the world, however. The hunt is on!

Retired  These items are now retired. They are still currently available while supplies last. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. Take this opportunity to snatch them up while you can.